Penobscot Bay at Sunset

18 Best Places to Visit in Maine (+ Where to Stay!)

Looking for the best places to visit in Maine? The northeastern US state offers spectacular scenery, charming coastal resorts, and year-round recreation. Maine’s coastline is legendary for its beauty, and from York to Bar Harbor, you will find plenty of towns and small villages to tour along the scenic coast. Inland, you will find pristine lakes, beautiful waterfalls, and mountain … Read More

The best hikes in Acadia National Park offer stunning views!

15 Best Hikes in Acadia National Park, Maine (+ Tips!)

Looking for the best hikes in Acadia National Park? With more than 150 miles of hiking trails, and many diverse hiking environments, Acadia National Park is a hikers’ paradise! Hikes in Acadia span the gamut from easy (but very scenic!) strolls to extremely challenging rung-and-ladder routes, so there’s a trail (or three!) for every level of hiker here. From hiking … Read More

Acadia National Park in Maine

18 Best Things to Do in Acadia National Park, Maine (+ Map)!

Acadia National Park is the only national park in New England. One of the top ten most popular national parks in the USA, Acadia National Park receives millions of visitors annually. Located on the rugged cost of northern Maine, Acadia National Park boasts a variety of landscapes, from mountains to coast and forests to freshwater lakes. The park also features … Read More